understand zhonghao magnetic materials

panan zhonghao magnetic material co. ltd., is a focus of permanent magnetic ferrite production, processing, development of the enterprise. based on the zhejiang city of dongyang province is the production base of china's advantages are magnetic, companies in the development of high precision, high performance, in terms of specific products, has a comparative advantage in good. we take the meticulous work of the spirit, serious and responsible attitude towards customers, strict product quality. my company's products have been widely used in home appliances, motor, electronic induction, induction, measure instruments etc.. products sold at home and abroad.

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advanced production equipment

the introduction of advanced equipment at home and abroad, complete supporting, research and development, production and sales in one, can be processed and customized for different performance, various sizes.

professional technology

we have independent r&d team, pay attention to training technical personnel, arrange work reasonably and orderly, and save cost for customers.

reliable product quality

use the main market raw materials, strictly implement production testing, double control of materials and finished products, and deliver the best products to customers.

reasonable market price

innovation of production and operation mode, improvement of material optimization rate in each link, control of production costs, to maximize customer benefits.

quality reception service

provide free consultation and after-sales service, provide solutions and technical support for customer applications, welcome to visit, provide strong protection for your choice.